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Working at Mount McDonald from June 1882 until the end of 1884, Tommy Pearce’s career is unusual in that it provides evidence that trackers sometime took a holiday.  On Friday 27 April 1883, he passed through Carcoar “en route” to Dubbo for a “leave of absence”.  The purpose of his trip or why the destination was Dubbo – perhaps he had family obligations – was not recorded, but he spent about a week away before passing through Orange and then Carcoar again on Saturday 5 May on his way back to Mount McDonald.

Back at Mount McDonald, Tommy had plenty of work to do.  The main industry in the district was gold mining and one of his regular tasks was to escort the bullion loads with a senior constable between Mount McDonald and Carcoar.  Sometimes he would continue with the shipment the next day to Blayney, but generally he stayed overnight at Carcoar and returned home the next day.[ref]Police Salary Register 1883 SR 11/16335 Reel 1970; 1884 SR 11/16335 Reel 1970; Carcoar Police Diary of Duty and Occurrences SR 7/6178.[/ref]  Further details about his life are unknown.


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